Rental Rates

Cabins – All-inclusive of utilities with 2 private and secure bedrooms with a shared bathroom, each comes with a full size bed, all of the bed linens, night stand,  Direct TV, mini-refrigerator and microwave and a table with chair.

Trailers – Fully furnished RV’s all-inclusive of utilities that include fridge, stove, microwave, comfortable bed and Direct TV.

RV Slot – Offering turn-key RV slots all-inclusive of utilities connected to water, sewer, Direct TV and electric providing 30 and 50 Amp services.

                                               Weekly Rates:                        Monthly Rates :

RV Slot (30 & 50 Amp) :         $150.00                                      $500.00

Cabins (2 per room) :             $350.00 (Plus Tax)                  $1,400.00 (Plus Tax)

Cabins (1 per room) :              $300.00 (Plus Tax)                 $1,200.00 (Plus Tax)

Trailers :                                     $350.00                                      $1,400.00

$100.00 deposit required, half refundable

**** Also ask about our Daily Rental Rates****

All major credit cards accepted:       

Cabin Layout :

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